36 Main St, Roslyn, NY, 11576

Cedarmere Mill

Address225 Bryant Avenue, Roslyn Harbor

Date Built1787
Original UseSaw Mill
Restoration StatusCompleted Restoration Date2009
Roslyn Landmark Society Covenant No
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Historical Landmark Roslyn 5477524 orig

The original 1787 Mill at the site was built by Richard Kirk as a water-powered fulling mill which made and cleaned wool and other cloths. In addition to serving as a fulling mill it was used as a paper mill, as a cabinate factory and a glass working shop. The 1787 Mill burned in 1849 and was replaced by William Cullen Bryant in 1862. The Bryant Cedarmere Mill was most likely designed by Frederick S. Copley, an active area architect in the Gothic Revival style.

The Mill is considered unique in that it is the only surviving example of a mill in the Gothic Revival style which also has the first floor designed for use as a summer cottage. The mill works supplied power for machinery such as lathes, saws, grindstones and other tools needed to run the Bryant estate. The mill was originally powered by a water wheel but in 1885 Bryant’s daughter Julia replacedit with a turbine drive. In 1930 the first floor space was converted to an art studio for Bryant’s great -granddaughter Francis B. Godwin who was a sculptor.

Of note, is an etched letter “W” for William Cullen Bryant in a main floor, left diamond window pane on the north facade. The mill was recently restored through the generosity of the Gerry Charitable Trust in cooperation with the Roslyn Landmark Society and Nassau County Department of Parks and Recreation.