36 Main St, Roslyn, NY, 11576

John Craft House

Address161 East Broadway, Roslyn

Date Built1855
Original UseResidence
Restoration StatusCompleted Restoration Date1996
Roslyn Landmark Society Covenant No
View House Tour Details 2004

QD2 A5213

On August 17th, 1843, John and Sarah Craft purchased a five-acre lot for this house from Elizabeth McPherson of New York City for $300. In 1858, however, the parcel was sold at public auction at John Charlick's Hotel in Roslyn. The Crafts had initiated the sale against other members of the Craft family who may have felt that they had some claim on the property. Nevertheless, John and Sarah Craft were the successful bidders, paying $850 for the parcel. On the day of the auction, John and Sarah encumbered the property with a mortgage which carried a stipulation that fire insurance be paid on any structures. This clause clearly indicates that by 1858 the Crafts had improved the property, probably with the construction of this frame house.

The Craft House is a one-and-a-half story dwelling resting on a full brick basement. Surmounted by a three-light transom, the entrance opens onto a simple six-foot wide porch spanning the full width of the house. The hipped roof porch is supported by four simple square wooden porch posts with decorative scroll-work brackets. The house is only one room deep and has two rooms per floor. A 16" square brick chimney rises through the center of the house. Throughout the house, one will see a variety of original finishes and materials, such as doors, moldings, and wainscoting