36 Main St, Roslyn, NY, 11576

Roslyn Presbyterian Church

Address140 East Broadway, Roslyn

Date Built1928
Original UseChurch
Restoration StatusCompleted
Roslyn Landmark Society Covenant No
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QD2 A5205

By around 1920 the increasing Roslyn Presbyterian congregation began to outgrow the small building on East Broadway which had to serve as church and Sunday School. A report dated March 5, 1922, prepared as required by the Presbytery of Brooklyn - Nassau, discussed the deplorable condition of the building and stated that a new edifice had been considered for "many years". There existed a "strong sentiment and desire" for such a new church building, and those feelings had "caused an indifference to upkeep and a consequent neglect of the present structure and its interior furnishings.. .The condition of the building is a constant source of discomfort and shame to ourselves and our would-be friends...". The most substantial complaints, however, were not structural at all, but dealt with "faded, stained and peeling wall paper", incessant dust arising from worn-out carpets too fragile for cleaning, and general disrepair resulting from overuse.

This appeal must have had its effect, for in November, 1922, the church bought the site of their present building on the west side of East Broadway from the Roslyn Neighborhood Association (Records, Roslyn Presbyterian Church); plans were drawn in 1924, and after a hiatus of four years, the cornerstone was laid in May, 1928, and the building completed in July.

The 1928 building is an impressive example of Colonial Revival architecture and certainly, the focal point of the church is the steeple rising above the full-height pedimented portico. Towering above the treetops of the neighboring park, the steeple is an easily recognizable Roslyn landmark. Members of the congregation pass through a double-leaf entrance set in an elaborate Colonial Revival surround with a broken pediment. Located along both sides of the sanctuary, the large arched windows provide for a light-filled sanctuary.