36 Main St, Roslyn, NY, 11576


Address440 Bryant Avenue, Roslyn Harbor

Date Built1835
Original UseResidence
Restoration StatusCompleted Restoration Date1956
Roslyn Landmark Society Covenant No
View House Tour Details 2004
National Register of Historic Places

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Like its neighbor, the Stephen and Charles Smith House, Springbank rests on property that was originally part of a land grant given to Nathaniel Pearsall (1649-1703). William Hicks, the Hempstead Harbor postmaster, acquired the Springbank property in 1834. As noted in Henry Eastman's 1879 history of Roslyn, prior to Hicks purchase of the property, there were only a handful of houses along the eastern side of the harbor, including a small tenant house for a laborer. An 1838 sketch of the Pearsall property (Willowmere) shows a house on the western side of the road in the approximate location of the original site of Springbank. It is possible that Springbank is the "small tenant house" referred to by H. W. Eastman.

In 1850, Stephen Smith acquired a portion of the Hicks property, including this parcel and the adjoining lot where he would soon erect his own house.