36 Main St, Roslyn, NY, 11576

Warren Wilkey House, 190 Main Street


The exact date of the Warren S. Wilkey house is a mystery although there are indications it was built between 1864 and 1867 by John S. Wood for Warren S. Wilkey. John Wood was Warren Wilkey’s brother-in-law and his father, Thomas Wood, had been the principal carpenter-builder in Roslyn for many years.

Warren S. Wilkey was born in 1813 and was married to Ann Eliza Thorp in New York City in 1840. He was in the leather business and made a considerable profit selling leather goods to the Union Army. The Curtin’s Directory of Long Island shows him in residence as late as 1879. By 1882 he was listed in Brooklyn and later in Kings County.

The house has passed through several owners and periods of abandonment, vandalism and deterioration. In late 1970 Karl Rinas sold the house to the Roslyn Preservation Corporation, a non-profit corporation headed by Dr. Roger Gerry.

In 1970 and again in 1978 the house suffered massive damage from a broken water main and a collapse of the hillside behind the house due to construction faults on the property at the top of the hill. The landslide caused tons of mud, trees and rocks to fill the house from the basement to the second floor Dr. and Mrs. Gerry, along with Mr. Guy Ladd Frost, Roslyn Architect for the Roslyn Preservation Corporation, undertook a labor of intense research and determined effort to assure an exacting museum quality restoration.

The house is rectangular in shape and is in the French Second Empire style. The house is further distinguished by the presence of the centrally located belvedere which is accessed on the third floor by a free standing, double-raised stairway.

On completion of the restoration, the house was sold to Mr. and Mrs Lester Arstark in April, 1980. They remained in residence until when it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs Jeffrey Rowe who are the present owners.