36 Main St, Roslyn, NY, 11576

Van Nostrand-Starkins House

Address221 Main Street, Roslyn

Date Built1680
Original UseResidence
Restoration StatusCompleted Restoration Date1977
Roslyn Landmark Society Covenant No
View House Tour Details 1995

QD2 A5352

Architectural evidence indicates that this house was constructed around 1680. The earliest written record of this house, however, is the Federal census of 1790 that lists William Van Nostrand as the head of a household. Originally, the house was slightly over 20 feet in length and 16 feet wide with a large masonry fireplace. Over the years, extensive changes and additions were made to the property, particularly in the 19th century when it was owned by the Starkins, and later, Kirby families. In 1966, the Village of Roslyn acquired the property. From 1973-1977, the Roslyn Landmark Society undertook a major restoration of the property. The decision was made to restore the house to the 1800 configuration which was stage III of four stages of renovation. Today the house is maintained as a Historic Site and contains an important collection of American and Long Island made furniture and decorative arts.

The Van Nostrand Starkins house is opened for tours by appointment.